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These modules often fail causing abs and brake warning lights, an inoperative speedometer andor. It has a code limp home throttle something or other needs resetting. Tech2 diagnostic scanner for gmsaabopelisuzusuzuki. Where is the obd2 port located for 2006 9 3 answered by a verified saab mechanic we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Best diagnostic tool for saab icarsoft uk pro diagnostics. Solving 2001 saab 9 5 abstcscel problem ericthecarguy.

Saab 95 95 1st gen best diagnostic toolkit 1997 2010 95 2nd gen best diagnostic toolkit 2010 2012 saab 97 97 best diagnostic toolkit 2005 2009 home. To our knowledge, the code readers on this shown here are suitable for the following saab models. Saab 9 5 p1625 obdii diagnostic powertrain p trouble code information page. One order with one piece 32mb card as options shown. Reason for saab 95 b1785 and find the solution for the code saab 95 b1785, well give to how to fix saab 95. Obd2 connector location in saab 95 1997 2010 outils. Reason for saab 9 5 p1625 and find the solution for the code saab 9 5 p1625, well give to how to fix saab 9 5. Airfuel ratio meters, diagnostic scanners, dial indicators, valve spring compressors. Saab 9 3 2002 08 diagnostic obd port connector socket location obd2 dlc data link 1432.

Saab 95 scan tools and code readers free shipping on. Does not have to be a saab dealer any gm dealer are doing all the work on saabs now as well as. Gm tech2 scanner diagnostic with tis2000 software full. Saab 9 5 p1625 engine trouble code saab 9 5 p1625 obdii. The other day, a friend borrowed my gm tech2 scan tool to replace a 2002 saab key as his was broken, but do not know how to use it. How to program 2002 saab 93 key with gm tech2 scan tool. Saab 9 3 2002 08 diagnostic obd port connector socket. When the check engine lights come on the car might also go into limp mode where it starts in 2nd gear and doesnt shift into 4th. Saab 95, how to clear the check engine light or cel. The autoaid diagnostic software is included as a download. This is really annoying when you know the reason for the. Car diagnostic software here is one of most important part in the car diagnosticsdiagnostic software,which offers the newest version and popular selling tools. Service indicator tech ii diagnostics and programming is.

Only a saab dealer or specialist will have one that has the saab data on it. Many saab parts need to be added to the vehicle using tech ii, and wont work properly if they are installed without programming. The north american application covers all domestic vehicles and of course saab automobile covers current saab 93 and 95 vehicles. Vw transporter t5 2003 03 diagnostic obd port connector socket location obd2. This product is designed and manufactured to help you keep the fuel system of your vehicle in mint condition. Saab car scan tool odb2 scanner diagnostic tool code. All vehicles are equipped with an obd port to which you can connect your klavkarr diagnostic case. Saab obdii readers obd2 code tool scanner in the automotive context on board diagnostic obd is mainly a generic term that refers to the reporting capability and the self diagnostic of a car. Best value saab tech 2 tool great deals on saab tech 2. Gm tech2 diagnostic scanner for gmsaabopelsuzukiisuzu. The diagnostic tool for your saab 95 estate ys3e 2. Discover over 2 of our best selection of bluetooth obd player, check for pc, e60 scanner, obd2 peugeot 508 on. Join date 30 jul 2010 location usa netherlands posts 7,805 saabs previous.

This is a detailed guide to modifying the software in your saab t7 engine control unit, the first step to tuning your saab 95 or saab 93. Saab 93 problems, error codes and diagnosis autoaid. Saab 95 b1785 obdii diagnostic body b trouble code information page. Gm tech 2 connection without candi interface picture. For many car parts, such as engines and cylinder heads, it is important that you specify the correct motor code on your request. Saab 95 with intermittent hiccups automotive articles. Program keys for an 03 saab 93 ok for 2003 year, the software is 1998 2012 case relearn. Original 32mb program card for saab tech 2 diagnostic scanner, scan tool see more like this genuine tech 2 card 32mb saab 148.

Tech 2 is the gm diagnostic computer, but the software is make specific. Sometimes, the most difficult thing is to find this port. Saab 95 b1785 engine trouble code saab 95 b1785 obdii. New saab 95 2010 on 2011 95 ttid4 xwd diagnostic software. Diagnostic code p12, p34 answered by a verified saab mechanic. Over time, the problem became worse and and at some point, the car would not start for 20. List made thanks to the users of our software eobdfacile. The engine code is usually stamped somewhere into the engine block. Last week after driving 20 miles and then getting stuck in a traffic jam for 20 min, my car shut down completely.

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